Birthday Wishes

This morning one of my wishes became a reality:

Quality time with the three girls I love the most!

We traveled north to Lewis' Farm to pet the animals and pick out pumpkins and ride the tractor and feed the bunnies and yes, this was primarily for the youngins.

I love this time of year... hot apple cider and burning leaves, autumn chill and coming home. Two little faces in the window, greeting me as I walk up the driveway; a candle burning in the kitchen.

It's been a hell of year.

"and even though we aint got money, I'm sO in love with you honey!"


Kendra said...

Happy Birthday!!

Daniel Rudd said...

happy birthday jerry. glad you are well.

SoulTattoo said...

Really Sweet! I am glad you had a great Birthday and the girls all had a great family day!