if only you knew...

how much i loved you
these days a new chapter 
of always never and i heard a song on the radio the other day
it made me think of the covenant we made
and the moon (the faithful witness) shining on all things what if

some day sunday i am going to tell you a story
of how we've come to this place
but until then
i'll keep tapping my foot and clapping my hands 
and singing those words
even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death...

[oh no, you never let go!]

tonight i am thankful
for the beauty exchanged for the ashes left behind
and even though i walk with a limp
still i walk, and
for this reason 
i give thanks.


BrianJ said...

This is a good write. You need to share more...

Jen Wags said...

Love it!