We'll Be Like Torches (Burning Together)

They should have killed me when they had the chance, because (though I walk with a limp, still) I walk and for that reason alone, I give thanks!

I still believe in the power of love and healing and restoration and I still believe that the tomb is empty and I still hate the devil and all of his counterfeits that have hijacked the Church of Jesus and distorted His message of grace and if I could do it all over again

I would have never listened to the lies! I would have kept throwing the rocks through the mirror and killing the Goliath within and I would have never retreated in fear of what they might think and I would have stood ironfisted against the winds of change.

One Day mercy will triumph.

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Linda said...

Oh how I often wish that things were different. Living so completely in the past and longing for a do-over for you so that I wouldn't be lost and searching right now. (I'm selfish like that)

I can't believe that you are there and although it make my heart happy that you and Jamie have a fresh start and people who will embrace you warmly; I can't help but be saddened that your gift is void in so many lives here.

I weep and I jump for joy when I think of where life's journey has taken you, and long for the day when I can see you fully restored.

Blessings and love for both of you this Holiday!! :o)