(thoughts while clearing a brush pile...)

in this change of scenery, i am finding solidarity with those pilgrims who have sojourned before me, in pursuit of simplicity. in this stillness, i hear heaven whisper: Sunday is coming.

listen: wind blowing through the trees, quaking in the nearness.
smell: long leaf pine on the north carolina farm.
see: sun setting over the distant hills.
feel: my heart being put back together.


Misha Rhea said...

Ive always thought that in the quite corners of solidarity you find the loudest presence of the very mending of our souls.

its an amazing experience.
breath taking

Skot Lokers said...

love you and miss you, brother! i think of you often... know that you are loved, even if it feels at times like it's from a distance... you are loved!!

Drew Collins said...

grace and love to you bro. i am thankful to Jesus for you and the difference you have made in my life.