On Finding God

As I pulled in to the driveway this evening, I was greeted by the collective squeal of Mariah and Ambria. They were jumping and shouting and twisting and pointing...

Before I could even open the door, I could hear my three year announcing with all of her might; "Daddy, daddy! We found something...." and other [indiscernible] chaos. I climbed out of the car and they both began to lunge at me with hugs and kisses and the prideful exuberance of their discovery.

"What do you find?" I asked.

"Actually, we found two things." Ambria stated demonstratively. She held up a rusted horse-shoe that required both hands for the lifting.

"We found this lucky horse shoe..." she said. "And we found, God!"

I made her repeat her sentence, for clarity.
"Yes, we found this (holding aforementioned horse shoe) and God."

I glanced at Jamie for confirmation that I had heard her correctly. Jamie was walking over to join the conversation and suggested that I take a look at the sign Mariah had made.

The girls led me to the swinging tree, and Mariah pointed to a picture that she had created: "Here lays Jesus." it said, with a picture of a broken-hearted stick figure, unmistakably the Messiah.

All of this inspiration was detonated by the afternoon discovery of an old horse shoe in the rustic barn behind the house, and a deteriorating iconic relic of a very fading Jesus.

Having found God, they had decided that they would display Him beneath the tree. The invitation to an obviously hope-starved world was posted in crayon. Come and see that the Lord is good. Here lays Jesus. We found Him. For anyone searching for answers... He once was lost, but now He is found.


Jen Wags said...

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha...
I can't believe that someone finally found him. Tell those girls, that aunt Jen is so proud!!!

Liz Nyenhuis said...

Jerry...this made me chuckle...and shed a couple tears. I miss you guys and your beautiful children.