Hope for Ashlyn

Our baby girl, Ashlyn Hope was recently diagnosed with Global Development Delays. Although she is happy, and otherwise healthy, she is not talking or walking yet. She is not using consonants or even rolling over in her crib. She is almost a year and a half old.

Please pray for her, and join us in our expectation of amazing things!

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Mama K said...

ok, I will pray right now. Father God who heals, who grows us all in your own way, please be with this family. Please touch Ashlyn with your powerful gentleness, your healing and nurturing love, and bring her to be all she can be. Please help her to grow into the trophy of Grace that you imagined when you first thought of making her. Give peace, please, to her parents. We always want the best for our children. I know that's true of you as well. If it is in your will, please let that best for Ashlyn be running and jumping and playing and talking right alongside her age-mates. Let her blossom! But most of all, please let her spirit grow to love you and shine forth your spirit. may her life bring you glory and praise. Amen.