the burden of a prophet

abba Father
i can not breathe or think or study
the theological interpretations anymore
i am so sick inside
a fire
i must put the differing opinions aside
and get out the timeless Truth to see
what You have to say

oh Father!
what should Your church look like?
what has become of this body of Christ?
for what should we stand for, fight for, live for,
and what should we be willing to die for?

i am so sick inside
desperate to feel Your hands around my life
i can not lift my head.

abba Father!
i am so unbelievably incompetent
so much i don't know
i have not yet scratched the surface
of knowing Your mystery

i am so unworthy of the vision that You have burned within my soul!

oh God, fill me from head to heart
put Your anointing on me
because without You
i am a wretch with undeserved salvation

help me to glorify You in everything i do
may nothing be done in vain deceit
abba, there is so much i don't know
i need to hear from You!

You're all i want
take me home to be with You

if You leave me here
then let me be a general in Your army of love
a servant to the poor
a shepherd to the lost sheep

take all of my material possessions
and desire for earthly finances
take my pride and nail it to the cross.
please cover me with Your blood
fill me with Your mercy
touch me with Your nail-scarred hand
and lift me up to the throne of grace
that i may come boldly into Your presence

where is the Lord God of elijah?
where have all the prophets gone?

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